Entrée angatahina (hataka)
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en malgache Iangaviana mba homena ny tena: Inona no angatahinao? [1.1]
Explications en anglais To be begged, to be asked for; fig. cheap. Used in speaking of the things asked for, or the person from whom they are begged. [1.2]
 To be asked; to be asked for [1.7]
Explications en français Qu'on demande; à qui on demande [1.8]
Présent : angatahina, angatahiko, angatahinao, angatahiny, angatahintsika, angatahinay, angatahinareo, angatahin', angatahin-, angatahim-, angatahi-
Passé : nangatahina, nangatahiko, nangatahinao, nangatahiny, nangatahintsika, nangatahinay, nangatahinareo, nangatahin', nangatahin-, nangatahim-, nangatahi-
Futur : hangatahina, hangatahiko, hangatahinao, hangatahiny, hangatahintsika, hangatahinay, hangatahinareo, hangatahin', hangatahin-, hangatahim-, hangatahi-
Impératif : angataho

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