Entrée Andriananahary (andriana, ary)
Partie du discours nom propre (anthroponyme) [liste complète]
Explications en malgache Teny ilazana an' Andriamanitra, izay noheverin' ny Ntaolo Malagasy ho nampisy izao rehetra izao. Matetika ny hoe Andriananahary dia nampiarahina amin' ny hoe andriamanitra [1.1]
Explications en anglais [nahary, past tense of mahary, to create.] God, the Creator of the universe. This word is the most universally used in speaking of God, and is used by all the tribes throughout the island. It is often combined with andriamanitra. See zanahary. [1.2]
 The Creator, God [1.7]
Explications en français Le Créateur, Dieu [1.8]

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