Entrée balabalaina (balabala (bala))
Partie du discours verbe passif
Explications en anglais  [Provincial] To be carried on a litter, to be carried roughly, to be treated roughly while being carried [1.2]
Présent : balabalaina, balabalaiko, balabalainao, balabalainy, balabalaintsika, balabalainay, balabalainareo, balabalain', balabalain-, balabalaim-, balabalai-
Passé : nobalabalaina, nobalabalaiko, nobalabalainao, nobalabalainy, nobalabalaintsika, nobalabalainay, nobalabalainareo, nobalabalain', nobalabalain-, nobalabalaim-, nobalabalai-
Futur : hobalabalaina, hobalabalaiko, hobalabalainao, hobalabalainy, hobalabalaintsika, hobalabalainay, hobalabalainareo, hobalabalain', hobalabalain-, hobalabalaim-, hobalabalai-
Synonymes balaina

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