Much, many, numerous, large, great, loud. See betsaka, lehibe. This word is extensively used in compound words, especially before nouns, as bevava, besofina, great-mouthed, large-eared, etc; before other words for names of tribes, as Betsileo, etc; and after other nouns, as raibe, great grandfather, sinibe, a big water-pot, etc. It governs the accusative case, as: any aminay no be azy (There are many of them with us). [Mal. Besar, Jav. Rabe.] [Richardson 1885]
much, many, great [Hallanger 1973]
much, many, in great quantities, in great numbers. See [Richardson 1885]
many; much [Hallanger 1973]
diso vala
[vala, an enclosure] an ox that has got out of the enclosure; used for abundant, plentiful, much, many [Richardson 1885]
how much ? how many ? [Hallanger 1973]